DC Universe Rebirth!

DC Universe Rebirth!

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DC REBIRTH IS COMING! —The next evolution of the DC Universe is coming this June! According to DC, “REBIRTH is designed to bring back the best of DC’s past, embrace the stories we currently love and move the entire epic universe into the future.”

DC has released the full scoop on Rebirth and all of the creative teams involved! You can see the FULL DC Comics Previews catalog for June by CLICKING HERE! A print version of the catalog is coming soon.

Newsarama also has a great rundown of what’s in store for your favorite titles, including books that are launching later this Summer. CLICK HERE TO PUT THAT INFO IN YOUR BRAIN!

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PULL FILE CUSTOMERS: We do not intend to automatically port over the new DC Rebirth titles for those currently subscribing to the current books! In other words, if you have Superman on your pull file now, we will NOT put the Rebirthed Superman on your file unless you tell us!

We can’t stress this enough: it is CRUCIAL that pull file customers let us know which new titles they’re interested in! Our orders will depend on how much (or little) YOU show interest! Please submit orders and pull file requests for the new titles as soon as possible!