Come on in!
Meet the Legend Comics & Coffee Crew
Legend Comics & Coffee is more than a retail comic book store and coffee shop-we are an open community.

Jason Dasenbrock

Wendy Pivonka

David DeMarco

Legend Comics opened in 2007 as a labor of love by co-owners Wendy Pivonka and Jason Dasenbrock, who were joined by co-owner David DeMarco in 2010.

Thanks to amazing support from the local community we rapidly outgrew our original location and in the fall of 2011, Legend Comics moved to the landmark Wohlner’s building in mid-town Omaha and added the coffee shop to become Legend Comics & Coffee. We believe we have created one of the most unique comic store experiences anywhere. Our comfortable atmosphere includes our custom made steel features and shelves, a 100 year-old hardwood floor, an organized file cabinet system for back issues, really cool lights and much more. We carry a full line of mainstream and independent comic books, a selection of local and regional comics and a massive selection of trade paperbacks, graphic novels, back issues, board games, Magic the Gathering, Heroclix, RPG books and dice, card supplies and T-Shirts.

Our staff is unusually friendly and don’t be fooled by our good looks, we have as knowledgeable a crew as you’ll find. Our guys and gals have full nerd credentials and we love to chat about anything and everything-you’ll often find us embroiled in debates over who would win in a fight, Dracula or Darth Vader. We specialize in introducing people to the wonderful medium of comics or assisting your transition back into the hobby.

The coffee shop is the place to see and be-seen for everyone from hipster twenty-somethings to java savvy octogenarians. We serve a delicious proprietary house blend and our ace team of baristas can whip you up a delicious fruit smoothie, several gourmet teas, or just the best tuxedo mocha (we call it a Tony Stark) you’ve ever had. We even serve classic phosphate sodas, the kind your grandparents drank back when comics were a dime and the Dodgers were in Brooklyn. We believe that we are the only comic shop in the world with a drive-through window.

We host all kinds of events, from our pub quiz-style Trivia Quest, rpg, card and board game events, live music, book release parties and readings and much more. Last and most importantly, we are dedicated to providing the best service everyday for YOU, the loyal member of the Legend Legion. We know that without you, we would just be a bunch of people with great haircuts standing around a pile of comics and coffee beans.