Pull File Benefits

Pullfile2[one_half]Don’t want to miss your favorite comics but can’t make it to the shop as often as you’d like? Sign up for Legend Comics & Coffee’s FREE pull file service!

What is a pull file? A pull file is a list of comics that you give to us that you know you want to purchase every month. Then, when you come in all you have to do is tell us your name (we try to learn everybody’s name but please be patient) and we will hand you your stack of comics! You never have to worry about missing an issue. The only limitation on your list is that a comic must be currently being published-you can’t ask for Power Man & Iron Fist, as much as we all wish it was still going, hoping that a new series might pop up. We just don’t have a way to accurately track those kinds of requests, given the sheer volume of pull files we process each and every week. Stop in or call if you have any questions.

We do ask that all pull file holders come in at least once a month to pick up your comics. We all know that sometimes life gets [/one_half]in the way of comics books and we are definitely willing to work with you. Communication is crucial in these circumstances, all you have to do is give us a call or send us an email and we will extend your pull file within reason. Pull files that have not been picked up for more than five weeks are subject to cancellation, unless we have heard from you. As an added bonus, all pull file customers in good standing (meaning you’ve picked up your file within the last 30 days) get 50% off back issues all the time! What is a back issue you ask? A back issue is, simply put, an older comic. It may or may not have been read in the past and conditions and price vary wildly. At Legend Comics & Coffee our back issue selection is located in the black drawers in the center of the comic shop. Also, pull file customers do not need to pre-pay for a special orders under $100, with extremely rare exception.